At we are building out a Digital Litigation Support platform intended to fully integrate a long-term hard file storage system with the digital world taking forty (40) years of forms from an established firm along with real world practical experience into consideration.  The Platform is designed specifically for lawyers to become better lawyers by being better tooled or equipped to service the client’s.  

The Progressive Online Intakes should help ensure you ask all the right questions, not just some of them.  And each form is designed to populate the information in an email to you and be saved into a data file and within the core email account.  So the information is saved in your email, a data file for each form completed and a centralized email.  
The Client & Case Management Forms are designed to help digitally discipline you to be a better lawyer by centralizing your communications, expenses and time billing.  These are evolving forms and will always be improved upon.  But for now, this centralized email based system should enable the file to be better maintained, all data be easily retrievable and ultimately build a better collateral hard file.

Please feel welcome to explore and test the forms.  Any revisions that need to be made on glitches or just improvement recommendations, please contact us.

Thank you for being committed to better service the client’s file by taking the Digital Litigation Support journey with us.