Pointers for Attorneys to Consider:

  • Use your “professional voice” and be courteous with a greeting and perhaps inquire, “Is this a good time…” or “Is it better if I call you back at another time…” Speak slowly, clearly and confidently.
  • Refer to Attorneys/Adjusters by using “Mr.” and “Mrs.” at least once and his/her first name where natural.
  • Be certain to obtain the first and last name, as well as any title or identification number of the caller where appropriate.
  • Enter any specifics regarding dates, specific legal advice rendered and information conveyed.
  • Enter any dissatisfaction expressed.
  • Enter all areas of potential perjury or concerns you have as to the truthfulness of the client’s story or story of the opposing party or the case overall.
  • Enter any new or updated client contact information.

    Add Attorney/Paralegal Email