Notice:  By completing this form, you are agreeing, if 1,000,000 are signed and suit is filed, to be named at the discretion of The Firm in the Stop the Steal Class Action Civil Rights lawsuit.  This civil rights suit will be based on 42 USC 1983, among other Law, which requires elected officials and those serving at their direction to execute fully upon their duties and in good faith.  

    You are joining others who allege the various Secretary of State contracts with Dominion Voting Systems are illegal.  Those contracts are void ab initio or “void on their face” given the agreements contained a “national interest” duty, but were contracted by the Secretary of State for those using Dominion with a foreign national company.  You agree to allow the Federal Court Judge to award a fee based on hours submitted per the fee shifting provision of the Civil Rights Law or alternatively you agree to a 40% attorney’s fee of any monies collected.  There are no guarantees as to the outcome and you agree your case may be filed using an Associate or Colleague Attorney licensed in your state under the theory of pro hac vice.
    Thank you for joining the Stop the Steal Civil Rights Class Action project.