, hereinafter called “Client” does hereby request, agree to and herein authorize Trenton Garmon, Esquire of Garmon & Associates, PLLC to serve as counsel per the terms herein.

    The parties agree that this agreement may be electronically signed per current law, to include the U.S. Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce (ESIGN) Act, by Client using this email address. The parties agree electronic signatures appearing on this agreement are the same as handwritten signatures for the purposes of validity, enforceability, and admissibility. You may opt out of an electronic agreement and sign a hard copy. Client will receive a full copy of the E-signed agreement by email upon completion and agrees to request a signed version if not received.

    The occurred or is connected this state and Trenton Garmon, Esquire and Associates hereinafter collectively called “Attorney” do agree to represent Client as civil litigation counsel, in connection with injuries and damages arising out of an incident.

    The incident occurred in on or about this date.

    The Garmon Law Firm, LLC does hereby agree to represent Danielle Stancil, hereinafter referred to as client in consideration of the terms referenced herein.

    Thank you for contacting our firm to discuss your legal representation. We would be pleased to assist you with this matter. This will confirm our agreement, and our work will begin when we receive a signed copy of this Agreement and an initial deposit in the amount of $500.00. Please execute this Retainer Agreement electronically or provide a signed version to:

    Garmon & Associates, PLLC
    750 Forrest Avenue
    Gadsden, Alabama 35901


    Garmon & Associates, PLLC
    2024 Third Avenue North
    Birmingham, Alabama 35901

    We are not your lawyers and thus will not enter our appearance or begin working on your case until we receive both the initial deposit and this signed agreement.

    For said fee our representation in this matter generally will include advising, counseling, negotiating, investigating, drafting of correspondence, drafting initial required filings, discussing the case if appropriate with opposing or collateral attorneys, maintaining phone consultations, and to represent the client in the pending criminal charges in the City of Gadsden.

    Said charges include: (1) driving under the influence, (2) disorderly conduct, (3) domestic violence - harassment, and (4) resisting arrest.

    Specifically this may include (1) initial consultation, (2) drafting and filing an Entry of Appearance, (3) drafting and filing of a Motion for Discovery & Motion to Dismiss, (4) the initial hearing, if required, (5) any trial that may be required and any general legal work required in City Court. Filing fees, expenses, publication costs, receptionist costs and other expenses are additional to the attorney’s fees and paralegal fees.

    Our Fee & Client Payment Plan

    Attorney Garmon has a range of as the anticipated fee and guarantees to remain within that range for the City Court case. Should a jury trial be required, an additional would be required. Appeal is not included herein. Client agrees to pay the retainer of and week.

    For the above representation, the client agrees to pay an Attorney’s Fee of $______ per hour plus the paralegal’s services of $____ per hour and expenses incurred. Payment in full must be made prior to the final disposition of the case or per the approved payment plan.

    If you choose to discontinue our services for any reason, our fee will be calculated based upon the time we have actually expended on your matter from the commencement of our representation at the hourly rates set forth above. However, the minimum fee and expenses will be considered earned for services provided and expenses.

    Expenses Incurred on Your Behalf

    In addition to the attorney’s fee and filing fee described above, you are responsible for expenses we incur in connection with this matter. Such expenses include, among others, copying, delivery, and telephone charges, credit card processing fees, fees for professional services, and travel expenses. Prior to incurring any substantial expenses, we will generally forward bills on your behalf directly to you for your approval. If agreed and we make payment on expenses for you, you will need to reimburse us no later than thirty (30) days after we forward request for payment of the expenses to you. Necessary expenses however may be incurred by our firm without first seeking your approval and you are responsible to repay the expenses we deem necessary.

    Collection of Fees

    By signing this agreement you are agreeing that a 10% late fee on the outstanding balance each month you fail to satisfy such within 30 days. This late fee may be waived within the discretion of the managing partner and does not apply to a client who has worked out a payment plan prior to incurring the fee. Additionally you agree that interest will accrue on your outstanding balance until satisfied or collected which will be accrued at the “Judgment Interest Rate” provided by the Code of Alabama at the time the balance becomes due. If suit is brought against you to collect any balance owed, you also agree to pay any expenses and attorney’s fees associated with collecting the balance. To secure any balance you owe us, you grant us a security interest in any property that may come into our possession in the course of our representation and any claim or cause of action on which we are representing you.


    You must cooperate with us fully and provide all of the information we need in order to represent you properly. If there is any change in your address or telephone number, please notify us immediately.

    You agree to obtain a calendar or small notebook, such as a school notebook, and keep a “trial notebook” with notes of all occurrences in connection with this matter, including a log of telephone calls, relevant visits/trips, payments made or received by you, people that you interact with, events you are aware of or are advised of, and the like. If you exchange emails or other correspondence with any party or their lawyer concerning this matter, you must forward same to our office. This trial notebook is to help you not have to simply rely on memory in connection with your testimony at some later hearing. Be certain that once you become aware of documents, pictures, bills, etc that are relevant to your case that you forward such to me at your earliest opportunity.

    Maintaining a Good Relationship

    If at any time you become dissatisfied with our handling of this matter, you should tell us immediately so we can resolve the problem and maintain a good relationship with you. You may terminate our representation at any time. In the event of termination, you will be responsible for payment of any fees earned or expenses incurred as set forth above.

    We may withdraw from representation in this matter if you: insist upon asserting something that is not warranted under existing law and cannot be supported by good faith argument for an extension, modification, or reversal of existing law; personally seek to pursue an illegal course of conduct; insist that the law firm pursue a course of conduct that is illegal or that is prohibited under the Rules of Professional Conduct; render it unreasonably difficult for the firm to carry out its employment; insist that we engage in conduct that is contrary to the judgment and advice of the attorneys but not prohibited under the Rules of Professional Conduct; or deliberately disregard any agreement or obligation as to the timely payment of expenses or fees as required by this agreement for services rendered.

    No Promises of A Certain Outcome

    We will use our best efforts in representing you in this matter, but you acknowledge that we can give no assurances as to the final outcome. Also our fee is understood to not be contingent upon results.

    Understanding This Agreement

    We are available to meet with you further to go over these terms and request that you make an appointment to come in and review this agreement with us if you have any questions. This encompasses the entire agreement and no verbal or oral promises stand outside the terms of this agreement. Also, if one part of this agreement is void or voidable, the remainder of the agreement shall stand. If the foregoing terms are acceptable, please sign. We look forward to working with you and serving your legal needs.

    I understand and accept the terms of this agreement on the date electronically stamped.