Attorney-Client Agreement
    Landlord-Tenant with Tort

    , hereinafter called “Client(s),” does hereby request, agree to and herein authorize Gfile.Legal, LLC, its Agents, Clark Hall, Equire, Trenton Garmon, Esquire to serve as counsel per the terms herein. Lawyers and staff hereinafter collectively called “Attorney” do agree to represent Client as civil litigation counsel, in connection with injuries and damages arising out of an incident which occurred in Etowah County, Alabama at the Holy Comforter House, Inc. on or between August 01, 2019 to current:

    Attorney Fee: The Attorney will devote full professional abilities to the case, and Client(s) agree(s) to fully cooperate with the Attorney. Attorney will not settle the case without Client’s(s’) approval. Client(s) will pay Attorney in the claim for services all amounts recovered of thirty-five percentage (35%) if recovery presuit is made, forty percent (40%) if suit is filed and forty-five (45%) if said matter goes to trial which is understood to be the industry standard and the appropriate rate for the jurisdictional state for a Personal Injury and otherwise Civil Litigation. Landlord-Tenant cases may be entitled to an award of “reasonable attorney’s fees and costs” which would be billed and filed with the Court which would be ordered to be paid by the Defendants. The Attorneys by this hybrid agreement are agreeing to bring the Landlord-Tenant claims, if any, and Tort claims for industrial hygiene breaches (i.e. mold, etc.) with the right to elect which fee is appropriate under Court guidance. But the tort fees are considered to be included in the Contingency Fee percentages set out above unless it is appropriate to petition for Court awarded fee shifting. IN THE EVENT OF NO RECOVERY, CLIENT SHALL OWE ATTORNEY NOTHING as per our NO FEE GUARANTEE.

    Litigation Costs & Expenses: Attorney agrees to advance all costs. Client(s) agree(s) to pay all costs of investigation, preparation and trial of the case and authorize(s) Attorney to deduct his fee and then such costs from the proceeds recovered. An itemization of all costs and expenses will be generated which includes a Shuck/Scan/Shred/Storage expense calculated on average yearly.

    CLIENT(S) AGREE(S) THAT ATTORNEY HAS MADE NO PROMISES OR GUARANTEES REGARDING THE OUTCOME OF CLIENT’S(S’) CLAIM. Client(s) understand(s) Attorney will investigate Client’s(s’) claim and, if after so investigating, claim does not appear to them to have merit, then the Attorney shall have the right to cancel this agreement. If the client becomes dissatisfied or unhappy and discharges the attorney and the attorney disputes such grounds, the client agrees that any future recovery from another lawyer will be subject to an attorney’s lien for a Quantum Merit claim for any and all work done by G&A regardless of whether a lawsuit was filed. Nothing will be owed if no recovery is made.

    Associate Counsel and Pro Hac Vice Notice: Client(s) agree(s) that she as a principal in the contract and counsel may associate an Attorney of their choice to assist in this claim. Client acknowledges notice that Trenton Garmon, Esquire is licensed with the Alabama State Bar and is being invited, requested and agreed to serve given the skill set and experience to enter as pro hac vice counsel if necessary. The inclusion of more than one attorney does not affect the fee in this case as fees are paid based on income and principal theories, out of the percentage as stated in Paragraph 2 hereinabove or by order of the Federal District Court Judge should the 1983 fee shifting provision be applied which would require payment of the Defendant for reasonable time and expenses.

    Limited Power of Attorney. Client(s) expressly authorize(s) Attorney, and/or the individual attorney handling the case to endorse his or her name on an insurance company settlement draft on his or her behalf to allow for such to be deposited into the Trust Account and to forward Client’s portion of settlement proceeds due.

    I have read this contract, or have had it read to me, have received a copy of it and agree to the terms and conditions. There are no other oral agreements between Client and Attorney. Dated this the date electronically stamped.

    Date of Birth: