Gfile User: The Medical Record & Billing E-Letter app function is designed to be a centralized way to send a properly drafted HIPAA request from the Platform. The E-Letter collaterally creates a record in the source file and email which is properly formatted, printed and sent via U.S. Mail. The Medical Record & Billing E-Letter is hard copied to the file, thus ensuring a digital copy on the Platform, an email to your user email address and a hard copy in the file. Be focused when completing the form to ensure the specific information is inputted and utilize the Upload feature to ensure HIPAA compliance by attaching a properly completed Release of Information.

    If you have any questions, please feel welcome to contact our office. Otherwise we do request the records be mailed to: Gfile.Legal, 2024 Third Avenue North, Birmingham, Alabama 35203 or emailed to the email address above. Warm regard be with you.