Terms & Conditions ~ Complimentary usage and membership for attorneys.  In consideration of usage rights, the following terms and conditions apply.  Licensure usage is granted to licensed attorneys state bar approved pending association checks.  Gfile.legal is a pro-citizen, ‘we the people’, Civil Rights and Plaintiff Civil Litigation group of attorneys and public interest advocates associated to better service and legally serve clients in a collective journey to ensure the securing of the rights to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” through a natural law and neighborly understanding.  By usage of the Gfile.Legal Platform you are agreeing to use the application as a tool to protect consumers and the citizenry from Big Corporations and Big Government abuses of power.  

User agrees to not disclose form details, utilize the forms for any purpose other than ethical, legal services to individual clients.  You are agreeing to not disseminate content of questions, disseminate intake models or otherwise convey any other intellectual property right of value.  This means that you also agree for the Public Awareness portion that includes account profiles for Deputies, Officers or other Government Employees which you are agreeing herein to not sell, exchange or otherwise peddle for financial benefit and you are agreeing to only use the information obtained for lawful purposes.  

All intellectual rights are the legal property of Gfile.legal the corporation.  Usage is a professional courtesy to associated attorneys for the betterment of the legal practice and judiciary, albeit the above-referenced value is provided as consideration.  All usage is intended to be done legally, lawfully and for the greater public good.