Gfile User - The following form should be utilized when conducting a general trial. It is designed to be "working trial notes" . Meaning you should have the form open and enter data as the trial proceeds. Alternatively, you may want to hand write the data and enter the information at a later date, or have a secretary/paralegal enter the information. Each trial is conducted in a case on behalf of the firm, must include a submission of this form.

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    Note to Gfile User: Upon submission of the form, a date and time stamp will be added. The notes will be submitted to you by email and be preserved in

    Tip: The “usual stipulations” mean that you are reserving, not waiving, your objections until the time of trial, except objections as to form. You are also agreeing that the deposition was properly noticed and the court reporter is duly qualified.  In order to have the most effective deposition possible, you may elect to also interject the actual objection or not agree to usual stipulations.  The other lawyer may have an issue with it, but be mindful that many times lawyers use inappropriate tactics to gain unfairly framed answers which then gets used adverse to the client.  Some lawyers in depositions build non-facts into questions as if they are established facts.  
    Thus, I recommend that you do usual stipulations most of the time.  But if you have reservations about the other lawyer’s willingness to fairly conduct the deposition, doconsider not doing usual stipulations or at least considering if you do usual stipulations stating one of these common objections listed above.  You can state the objection technically speaking even if you have agreed to usual stipulations if you encounter a lawyer seeking to unfairly frame questions or bully the witness.