Welcome to Gfile.legal where we strive to provide each client with a Digital Dossier that is second to none. In a day and age where digital information is used for the good in litigation, but also to oppress we at Gfile believe it is vital to maintain a secure, exhaustive, and effectively accessible digital files of information and media on behalf of our clients. Gfile Technology is developing a modern digital perimeter application (App) for the securing of admissible evidence by video and pictures through selected investigators and agents. Check on your Apple Store or Google Play starting July 04, 2021 for the App download.

Both Gfile.legal and Gfile Technology maintain the digital information in a secured manner using the best practices in the world with regards to software, hardware and equipment. All tangible or physical evidence received by Gfile.legal is stored with a full legally compliant chain of custody in our secured facility. This facility for long term storage includes a fully vaulted filing room (625 square feet) which requires three (3) entry points of security to access.

So if you are a new Gfile.legal lawyer or client, please use the below to register your account in order to be provided with secure access. The WebMaster will grant Client access for anyone seeking to create a Digital Dossier. Agents, Investigators and Attorneys will be provided secure access to the forms and appropriate Client Dossier.

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We are striving to have the most secure and effective Digital Litigation Support company in the world. We believe in good, decent order and God-given natural Law. In the digital world often unnatural uses of technology and digital evidence causes life-altering damages to individuals that may take years to repair. To mitigate this, we have created and are evolving in the creation of a Digital Litigation Support company, APP and Digital Dossier for each of our Clients, Attorneys and support staff. In order to maintain the security and intellectual property rights necessary to guard and protect client and attorney information, please "Join Us" if you have not yet created a Digital Dossier Account. The WebMaster will grant and maintain your access by completing the Registration Form here.